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Welcome to my website!

For over three decades, I have been writing about families, ethics, environmental issues and the Internet. My work has been published in dozens of magazines including Reader's Digest, Newsweek, Redbook and the New York Times. I've also been a Contributing Editor at Home PC and Family PC. My monthly column, Growing Up Online, appears in parenting publications across the country.

My most recent project is a book about how to build constructive cooperation in the face of conflict and change. Written as a conversation between a teacher and a learner, the book is a collaboration with Dr. Donald Scherer and grew out of work I did with him when I earned my M.A. in Practical Ethics from Bowling Green State University.

Whether you're a reader, an editor or someone looking for insight into the complexities of parenting wired kids, I'm glad you found my website. I am available for writing assignments, editing projects and speaking engagements. And I love to hear from readers!