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Five virtues that dissolve conflict, restore good will, build common purpose and help people thrive--in business, government, volunteer organizations, faith communities, schools and families.
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Years ago I wrote an essay about gardening with my oldest son when he was very young. Now that essay has been included in this collection. The average American child spends almost eight hours a day in front of a screen. These essays, including The Privilege of Gardening with Children offer thoughtful suggestions about how and why we need to help children engage with the natural world.

The Association for Women in Communications is a national organization that helps women "connect, engage and advance." I was a member of the Toledo chapter for many years. When I moved west, I discovered that Santa Barbara had the only AWC chapter in California. So, of course, I joined. I've met capable and inspiring women at their meetings, and they were kind enough to shine their spotlight on me.